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Let's not forget what has happened.

Dec 18, 2013

Christmas and New Year breaks, a time when many people gather with friends and family, relaxing and decompressing from the year that was.

What. A. Year.

What follows is a bit of a rant, my decompression if you will. It is not in chronological order but structured via way of a PESTEL[1] for my view from Tokyo looking back at my home.

I'm disappointed to be an Australian at the moment. My reasons include and is not limited to:

But I'm a silver lining kinda guy. If you too are disappointed read and bookmark this article which does a great summary of the year just had (better than my rant IMO), and use your bookmark to return to it next year.

The only way Australia can be better is if we (and I mean we) collaborate better, disagree openly, critically think, and negotiate. I'm sure we can, and will, because I am certain I am not alone in wanting a better future, one which is not simply a reflection of the past. To do this, we need to pick ourselves up after the break, rested certainly, but not forgetting what has happened.


  1. For those who haven't played in strategic management a PESTEL is a technique to review an environment so you can see what Opportunities and Threats may be there, which feeds into an organisations SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats).
  2. Both Labor and the Coalition are equally complicit.
  3. Although the High Court decision does go some way towards paving the way.


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