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There isn't snow, yet!

Dec 20, 2013

Well the good news, of sorts, is it hasn't snowed in down-town Tokyo yet.

The weather reports and news suggested it might a couple of days ago. However the threshold temperature appears to be 3 degrees. It's been 4, so the rain hasn't changed into snow.

It is however still quite cold. There was sunshine today allowing me a break in the weather to get to the shops and pick up a few things.

On Saturday 21st where we are staying (TIEC) is hosting a Christmas party. It starts at 16:30 and finishes around 20:00. Depending on the weather, several (including us) may kick on from that.

If you have read other posts here you may note there is now a comments area below. I have decided to take advantage of the Disqus technology. So, if you comment on other sites using a twitter/facebook/google etc account, you will be able to comment here as well.

This takes effect from new posts. I may retro-fit this to other blog posts as well over time.

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