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Okinawa Part 1: Markets. Castles. Beachs.

Jan 08, 2014

We're back in Tokyo after a short 10 day trip exploring Okinawa prefecture. I think the saying planes, trains and auto-mobiles covers how we got around. We flew by SkyMark to Okinawa-hontõ (the main island) which we then explored walking, using public transport (train, taxi), and a bus tour. Flying to Inshigaki-jima by Peach we explored by walking and a hire car thanks to Paradise rent-a-car. We took a ferry for a day-trip to Taketomi-jima which we explored by foot, with some Winter swimming (by Shellie) in the mix. We looked after our accommodation needs using and bought food along the way from the many supermarkets and convenience stores on hand.

As there is quite a few photos I'm going to do this over a couple of posts. This first post is a selection of the photos from Okinawa-hontõ.


The warm air we felt stepping off the plane into Okinawa was welcomed, being a 2.5 hour flight south-west of Tokyo. During our explore we saw a Kangaroo (seems to be a common brand element here).


Discovered the markets.


We had lunch at a little restaurant above the markets, having our photo taken while displaying the traditional "I'm having my photo taken" hand position!


Shellie bought me a fantastic T-Shirt, figuring I didn't have enough orange T-shirts :)


We caught the monorail to travel throughout the southern part of Okinawa-hontõ.


Explored Shuri-jõ the reconstructed 14th century castle which was the home of the Ryukyu kingdom up until the kingdoms abolishment in the 1879 and subsequent destruction of the castle (and most other buildings in Okinawa) in WWII.


When on the bus tour we saw an old Nakijin Castle which wasn't in such good condition.


We also discovered a couple of examples of where Australia doesn't have a monopoly on big things. On Okinawa-hontõ it was a Big Pineapple.


and a big shrimp!


We also discovered a beach near where we lived, Shellie was happy about that!


We discovered a beautiful Chinese garden in the middle of town. It was so relaxing we spent a couple of hours exploring, time seemed to stand still.



As well as the occasional 'random' sculpture on the street.


On a particularly sunny say we spent a few hours walking through the parks and beaches, and spent a few hours at the port. I thought the name of the following boat is something you'd want to hope the boat doesn't force you to do.


And with that our explore of Okinawa-hontõ ended and we flew to Ishigaki-jima, which will be covered in Okinawa Part 2: Walking. Driving, and the South-China Sea

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