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17th Japan Media Arts Festival

Feb 11, 2014

On 11 February 2014 I had the opportunity to explore the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival. The festival was hosted at the National Art Center, Tokyo, which is in Roppongi, across the road from Shellie’s university. The artwork on display was stunning, and I had a few favourites which I’ll mention here.

My favourite is Iapillus bug, a display that used ultrasonic sounds to simulate a bug flying above a plate. The bug could be directed using a laser pointer.

Iapillus bug

Others I liked include Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records. The display had the old reel to reel tape recorders emptying the real into a vertical container; this took about 20 minutes. At the end, the reel was reversed, and in around 1 minute, the classical music on the tape was played.

Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records

On the same wall there was some excellent Manga (Japanese Comics), then found an excellent Anime (Japanese Cartoons) called Golden Time directed by Takuya Inaba. While I have been unable to find a video of the display, here is an excellent write-up. Along the same wall were elements of the movies While the Crow Weeps and Approved For Adoption, both of which I think looked fantastic.

While the Crow Weeps

Approved for Adoption

Not far from these animations was display talking about how the band Travis made the clip for their song Moving, using the mist from their breath: stunning.


The stunning Desktop Diorama: Fantasy Captured in Plastic Models also caught my eye the detail was amazing!

Diorama Fantasy Captured in Plastic Models

All in all the festival was fantastic. If only I could tap into some of that patience most artists must have to create their pieces :)

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