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First snow day in Tokyo

Feb 08, 2014

Today was our first day of snow in Tokyo, and by day, I mean a full day. The snowstorm started earlier this morning resulting in a white covering of just about everything outside by the time the sun rose.


Our apartment balcony looks over the Miraikan, one of Tokyo’s science and technology museums. Normally our breakfast is accompanied by the regular sounds of a man yelling assistance (back, back, stop [in Japanese of course]) to the bus drivers as their park their vehicles. Not today, while there were buses they were fewer in number.


I wondered out in first thing in the morning to take a photo or two, but also explore a large common area which is a couple of doors up from our apartment. I wanted to see if I could get the heating and blind system working. Turns out I could (with a little help from a passing tradesman). So we now have a place with free heating 2 doors up from where we live. The room is large, with TV, power (no internet), and basic kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Well, free heating insofar as we can get the heat up to around 15 degrees before it cuts out every 30 minutes or so. All of the controls are in Japanese (Kanji) and my language skills are not that strong :) Fortunately through the power of Internet searching I was able to find somebody who had gone to the trouble of translating common Air-conditioning Kanji to English.


It’s the first time I’ve lived anywhere like this. While it does occasionally snow in Canberra it rarely settles on the ground for long. Here, at the time of writing, the snow was about 5cm thick on the railings near the common area.


and some plants seemed out-of-place


We also saw some people building a snowman on the pier, followed by the obligatory snow fight of course.


So, as is our way, we decided to leave our mark, of course one which nature could remove later.


Ja Mata.

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