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The joys of distractions

Feb 16, 2014

Today is a beautiful and sunny day in Tokyo, a ripper at 10 degrees! Pity about the wind  which is gusting across the snow which still hasn't melted from the recent snowy day, which drops the temperature to, oh, around minus eleventy :)

As I type this:

  • I'm keeping watch on the washing we've got outside to ensure it doesn't blow off the hangers;
  • Keeping a watch on Twitter to see if anything interesting pops up;
  • Working with Python and MySQL on a Ubuntu VM I've got going on the machine looking at election result data and electoral donations;
  • Have Firefox open on the OSX with a dozen pages of stuff I would like to get around to reading;
  • Four blog articles on the go: a contra article to those suggesting unions donating to politics is bad, an exploration of political donations, just who is the taxpayer, something on sport;
  • Occasionally searching for stuff to support Shellie as she works though her research topic;
  • Have a few concepts on the boil for business ideas (the thinking part);

So, yep, I'm easily distracted.

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