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Do you love a good example of hypocrisy and/or bias?

Mar 17, 2014

Do you love a good example of hypocrisy and/or bias?

I know I do.

Here's one for you: do a Google search on “Convoy of no confidence” and you should find a link to this article: Convoy of No Confidence on its way to Canberra to demand election


Have a look at the banner across the top of the article. The web-page design seems to always have the current news articles displaying along the top. Have a look at the first article: The most pointless protest ever?


That takes you to the “March in March protest was big on people power.. But what was the point?” article.

Convoy of no confidence had, maybe, 1000 people, with Alan Jones at the time protesting that somehow the ACT had stopped some at the border. Convoy folk complained about lots of stuff, argued government illegitimacy, support for Aussie farmers and truckies, anti-carbon tax, and a range of other supposed government ills. March in March had over 100,000 people across the country, and while it wasn’t coordinated through a radio personality, it also covered a range of things including asylum seekers, the environment, jobs etc.

Both protests cover a range of issues, yet seems to validate one with 1,000 protesters over one with 100,000 people. Interesting.

Tags: Hypocrisy, Bias, TL;DR
Category: Politics

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