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Ikebana. Art. Sushi.

Mar 09, 2014

Ikebana. Art. Sushi.

Warning: I’m starting to get a handle on Japanese characters (Hiragana ひらがな in this case) there’ll be a sprinkling through this post.

Over the last few days we have had a bit of an art and sushi long weekend.

It started Friday when we decided to go to an Ikebana (いけばな) exhibition. The exhibition was on the 11th floor of Takashima Shinjuku (しんじゅくたかしま), a massive shopping center just near Shinjuku station. We had a couple of free tickets courtesy of where we are living. The exhibition was well attended and I thought very interesting. At the end of this post is a display of the photos I took (hosted up on Flickr), but one of my favorites is below this paragaph. We finished the day having dinner at a sushi train we discovered in Shinjuku. The staff and chefs were very friendly, I can see us having dinner there again sometime.


We had a day break (of sorts) on Saturday as Shellie’s university was having an indoor football (soccer) competition. I played a couple of games as a ring-in, and Shellie was playing in two different teams for a while. While raw talent was probably one reason, another may have been a goal is worth three points if kicked by a woman. It was a veritable united nations, with 31 (さんじゅいち) nations represented across 10 (じゅ) teams.

Sunday, we went out to the Tokyo Art Fair. There was quite a number of art galleries on display and the range of Japanese art was impressive. The standout displays for me was one which had traditional Japanese art sketches (many were sold). Another had sculptors of sparrows, flying fish, etc, with their predator as the shadow hawk, dolphin, etc. Another was an artist who has his own cartoon series set on a world on the other side of Jupiter. We finished the day with a visit to the market in Ueno (うえの) where we enjoyed some more sushi train at a little restaurant we have been to a couple of times. The food is fantastic and is only ¥126 a serve.

Ja Mata (じゃまた)



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