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A wordcloud for your last 3,000 tweets or so

Mar 29, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see a picture of your tweets?

Here is one of my last 3,000 or so tweets, with some filtering applied.


Now the steps described below are fairly manual, and require some level of 'technical' knowledge.

For broader use it would be great to make it a bit easier to use; but in the interest of getting something out there for a bit of fun, here are the steps to create:

  1. you need a version of python installed (the commands below are for any unix flavour).
  2. install twitter-log if you don't have it already (sudo pip install twitter-log)
  3. run twitter-log and follow the instructions: eg: twitter-log @USENAME >> USENAME.txt
    1. This will create the text file you can subsequently process
  4. download the file to the same (for this example to the same directory as USENAME.txt
  5. run: python -u USERNAME - i USERNAME.txt -c username.csv -t username-twitter.txt [optional Words]
    1. This will create two files: USERNAME.CSV and USERNAME-tweets.TXT
    2. The optional [Words] allows you to input words the code will search for within the tweets, counting them in UERNAME.CSV so you can graph stuff.
  6. If you then open USERNAME-tweets.txt you can copy the contents.
  7. Then go to and create the wordcloud by pasting in the contents from USERNAME-tweets you copied in Step 6.

The CSV file which is also created can be used to graph stuff. This version collates tweets by Day, a future version will do so by hour as well.

Have fun, and let me know if any issues.

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