#MyBroadbandvReality Survey number 2

Apr 25, 2014

The MyBroadbandvReality crew (of which I am a member) is up to it again. Earlier in 2014 the group surveyed Australian's and provided a submission to the Australian Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network. In light of continued developments in the story of the National Broadband Network we've developed a second survey looking for extra information to help inform the decision makers.

As of the morning of the 25 April 904 people from across Australia had responded to the survey. This first chart shows when people have responded so far.

MC1 Chart 1.png

The big jump in respondents was due to a Delimiter article on this second survey. People from each State and Territory have responded so far which I think is fantastic.


New South Wales leads the way with the number of responses, followed by Queensland then Victoria. It would be great to get some more responses from the other State and Territories. For my home territory of the ACT, I know plenty of you are connected, and there's about 300,000 of you, so how about a few more responses (not everybody lives in Gunghalin with an NBN connection) ;)

There are 150 electorates in Australia and we've had responses from all bar four, two in NSW (Fowler, Riverina) and two in Victoria (Mallee, Menzies). You can see the number of responses per electorate in the Google map below. The darker the shade, the greater the number of responses. The Electorate with the highest number of responses is Canberra in the ACT, and there are seven electorates with one response.

It would be fantastic if you have already completed the survey if you could ask a friend to do so as well. If you haven't completed the survey yet, it would be great if you could. I'm asking as the more data we have, the better the story we can tell our elected representatives about the Nations Broadband needs.

The survey is open until the end of April 2014.

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