Jan 11, 2015

Sorry readers for it has been too many days since my last contribution. I admit it. While I have found the time to enjoy the ramblings and analysis of others I have not similarly found the time to create my own contribution.

So while Twitter with its written constraints of 140 characters, has, in time, provided numerous opportunities to avail myself of some prose, it hasn't been much. Yes, it's not long form, or even sentences, and I do enjoy the challenge of trying to make something even remotely intelligible within the given constraints. Yet it isn't crafting an argument, a story.

Many excuses could be made of course, and I've been making them to myself: moving back home after my travels, settling back into work, busy on the home front, etc. Excuses are handy things, you see, because they allow a convenient mental slight of hand. The reason and responsibility for the predicament is the fault of someone or something else.

Which, of course, in many many cases when I make excuses, is complete garbage. Often the predicament is a result of the decisions I've made, or not made, thus responsibly rests with me. Not anybody or anything else. It is rare that I could honestly claim "force majeure", that the circumstance I find myself in is due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Of course it is almost natural to make excuses and we are bombarded with them. Spend ten minutes looking at the media and they flow. Policy makers claim "unforeseen events" to excuse wrong decisions instead of taking responsibly for bad analysis and planning. Government's say "it's the opposition's/previous government's fault" as an excuse for pretty much everything that doesn't go well instead of demonstrating leadership and taking responsibility for the decisions they make. People say climate change are corporations fault without acknowledging their own contribution due to the things and services they consume.

So, dear readers, to take responsibility, I note my  lack of contribution to the corpus of internet information and knowledge has been because it hasn't been a priority for me. Of course, the existence of this prose indicates perhaps my priorities are changing.

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