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Lights. Shops. Glow-sticks.

A Christmas eve/day/night to remember.
  // While these three words do not seem to naturally group together they do embody our first Christmas living overseas as residents of Tokyo. As far as Christmas days go it ha…

Christmas eve in Tokyo

Christmas eve in Tokyo is the same as any other day; but with Christmas marketing.
  // I am finding Christmas eve in Tokyo is a little surreal. All the marketing is there, the carols in the shops, the Christmas lights and the trees. There's hundreds[1] of pe…

Two earth quakes felt in Tokyo so far today

Two earth quakes in Tokyo so far today, The Japan Times recently did a feature on earthquakes, spooky.
  // So far today, 21 December 2013, we've had two earthquakes we could feel in Tokyo, four in total in Japan at the time of writing (13:45 JST). The first was at 01:20 JST, de…

There isn't snow, yet!

It's been slightly too warm (4 degrees) for snow so far in Tokyo.
Well the good news, of sorts, is it hasn't snowed in down-town Tokyo yet. The weather reports and news suggested it might a couple of days ago. However the threshold temperatur…

Sociology Index

A quick sample page for the Sociology folk
Using this index you can jump to any particular part of the video. Think of it as a fast forward to that part of the video. The way you do this on your own site is to place #t=…

Let's not forget what has happened.

Paul has an end-of-year rant, resolving to rest, but not forgetting what has happened.
Christmas and New Year breaks, a time when many people gather with friends and family, relaxing and decompressing from the year that was. What. A. Year. What follows is a bi…


Came across a technology called Sky Jack, create an army of zombie drones.
Today I came across probably one of the coolest demonstrations of remote-control hacking I have ever seen. The technology is called SkyJack and, based on commercial off the shelf …

Possible mid-December snow in Tokyo

According to a news report there is the chance of snow in downtown Tokyo in mid-December.
According to a news report there is a chance of snow in downtown Tokyo in mid-December, first time in eight years. I think our mid-Winter holiday in a warmer part of Japan won'…

Storify of the 2013-14 MYEFO speeches at the NPC

This post contains a Storify of tweets by the wonderful @Drag0nista who covered the mid-year economic fiscal outlook (MYEFO) speeches at the National Press Club (NPC).
[View the story "2013-14 MYEFO speech at the NPC" on Storify]

Rant about job losses

A Rant about job loss figures and politicking.
How about these headlines? Up to 7,000 families affected by job losses. 30,000 jobs at risk, unemployment tipped to rise. Dramatic and it's not Holden which is 2,900 people. …

Learning to make Sushi in Japan

Paul had fun attending a decorative sushi workshop sponsored by TIEC.
TIEC offered residents a course in decorative sushi making and I leaped at the opportunity. The course was offered in a conference room on the fourth floor of the TIEC administrat…

Fireworks close to home

Watching some fireworks close to home.
Every Saturday night throughout December there will be a fireworks show just up the road from where we live. We managed to see a display on our way home, so here are a few of the …