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A wonderful quotation supporting nuclear power

A quotation of Richard Rhodes from his speech to the American Nuclear Society 2013 Winter Meeting
  // "I personally believe that those who oppose increasing the supply of nuclear power are more than simply misinformed and elitist. I believe strongly that their opposition is…

Australia's moral compass missing at sea

A rant about Australia's moral compass
  // I'm not happy with Australia's moral compass at the moment. A moral compass is that inner sense that something is right or wrong. Of course, each individual's moral com…

Okinawa Part 2: Ishigaki. Taketome. Beni-emo.

This is final instalment of a two part post about our Okinawa holiday over the New Year period, where we visited Ishigaki-jima, Taketome-jima, and ate Beni-emo.
  // This is final instalment (part two) about our recent trip to Okinawa. Part one is here. From Okinawa we fly by Peach airlines, a wonderful little discount airline, to I…

Human Amplified Climate Change

A thinking piece first published here. Image "Climate change will last the next thousand years" source licence Creative Commons
  // This article original posted to Thinkyness. You’ve heard it, may have said it, or know people that have, “the climate has always changed”. You've watched the headlines …

Okinawa Part 1: Markets. Castles. Beachs.

A short image-based post of part of our recent 10 day explore of Okinawa prefecture, Japan, first stop, Okinawa-hontõ.
  // We're back in Tokyo after a short 10 day trip exploring Okinawa prefecture. I think the saying planes, trains and auto-mobiles covers how we got around. We flew by SkyMark…

Akemashite Omedeto

Happy New Year!
  // A short post to wish you Akemashite Omedeto [Happy New Year] from Naha, Okinawa.