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For Mont 24 riders - at least no Snow!

A few images of a bike race I saw in Odaiba recently.
  // Below is a few images of a bike race I saw in Odaiba, Tokyo, in Snow! So for my friends racing in Mont 24 this year, harden up, at least it should be this cold :)

My first Github project

I published my first Github project.
  // Today I entered the world of people who develop code products and make them available to the broader community. While I've created and published articles, this is the firs…

The joys of distractions

A little post on distractions
  // Today is a beautiful and sunny day in Tokyo, a ripper at 10 degrees! Pity about the wind  which is gusting across the snow which still hasn't melted from the recent snowy …

Australia, look at yourself.

I have a rant about what Australia is, or is becoming.
  // Australia, look at yourself. No, seriously, look at yourself. You’ve helped neighbouring countries through dark times, You’ve got an economy that has seen off the …

17th Japan Media Arts Festival

Some personal highlights from a visit to the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival held at the National Arts Center, Roppongi, Tokyo.
  // On 11 February 2014 I had the opportunity to explore the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival. The festival was hosted at the National Art Center, Tokyo, which is in Roppongi, a…

First snow day in Tokyo

We've chilled (i.e. frozen) our way through our first snow day in Tokyo.
  // Today was our first day of snow in Tokyo, and by day, I mean a full day. The snowstorm started earlier this morning resulting in a white covering of just about everything …

Snow in Tokyo

Today we've had snow at home.
  // A quick note that we've had snow in Tokyo. While it has snowed in Canberra before, it certainly didn't have the look of what we're witnessing here at the moment. That also…