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#MyBroadbandvReality Survey number 2

A quick update on the MyBroadbandvReality Survey mk 2
  // The MyBroadbandvReality crew (of which I am a member) is up to it again. Earlier in 2014 the group surveyed Australian's and provided a submission to the Australian Senate…

Archery and horseback.

Watching the skill of people on horseback firing arrows at targets.
Visiting Asakusa we watched some people on horse back firing arrows into targets, impressive skill on display.

Not a blood moon photo however ..

Try as I may to capture the blood moon on camera my lens wasn't quite up to it. So I captured something else.
  // My twitter stream was alight today with news of the blood moon and the first of the full solar eclipses for 2014. As it turns on here in Tokyo we didn't get to see the sol…

Pop music is big in Japan.

Walking out of a shopping centre to see a crowd bopping along to a boy-pop band.
  // Pop music is big here in Japan. AKB48, and EXILE being two of the big ones. There are many others of course. Japan, with its population of around 123 million, can accommod…

Now this is a pedestrian crossing.

A video of one of the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.
This evening, 12 April 2014, we were in Shibuya doing a spot of shopping and I thought it might be fun to share what the crossing looks like. This pedestrian crossing is one of th…

Article Index

A list of the articles (non-postcard) entries.
A simple index of the articles/posts (non-postcard) items. I hope you find some of them interesting. All the best, Paul

Some food products make you think.

This product had me question what's happening to the world.
I've seen lots of products for sale in Japan and some truly interesting dietary delights. But this one had me question what is happening to the world. It's settled, I'm a popco…

Stunning Shinjuku Goen

A quick afternoon visit to a beautiful park in the centre of Tokyo.
A short visit to the beautiful Shinjuki Goen, a garden pretty much in the centre of Tokyo. It is simply stunning. They keep it so tidy by pretty much banning any 'fun': aka alcoho…

Sakura + Tarp + Beer = Hanami

It's Hanami season.
You can tell in Japan where the warm weather has hit with the appearance of Sakura. The weeks(s) of peak Sakura sees Hanami, effectively a picnic under the Sakura. People have the…

Buddha. Beaches. Brilliant food.

I've heard of hemp as a material, but as a cooking ingredient?
A day trip to Kamakura about 70km south west of Tokyo comprised of lots of walking, walking inside a 29ft Buddha made 750 years ago, a bit of bush walking and overdosing on Temple…