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Fuji - a closer view

We visited a festival close to Mt Fuji this week, the closest we've been to the great mountain.
This week we visited a flower festival just to the north of the great Mt Fuji. It was an overcast day which made taking photos of Mt Fuji a little more challenging. Below is a HDR…

Balcony with a stormy view

Practising with the camera I managed to track a lightning shot.
  // As the weather heats up in Tokyo we're starting to get a few more 'summer storms'. Those lovely, lightning rich and thus noisy storms which move across the landscape quick…

BudgetAus: an example of collaboration that works.

A short post about the BudgetAus collaboration of which I am part.
  // Headlines about technology and business collaborations which sour are familiar: the well-trodden path of poor communication, broken promises, and shattered projects. Well …

Why are public servants expendible?

An updated rant about job losses.
Up to 7,000 families affected by job losses. 30,000 jobs at risk, unemployment tipped to rise. I posted this originally in December but, with the budget upon us, perhaps time fo…