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Encrypt away

With days until mandatory data-retention starts in Australia it's time to encrypt all the things.
  // With mandatory data retention only days away in Australia, it's time to encrypt all the things. What is mandatory data retention? Think of it as parliamentary supported…


Often excuses are so I can avoid responsibility.
  // Sorry readers for it has been too many days since my last contribution. I admit it. While I have found the time to enjoy the ramblings and analysis of others I have not si…

BudgetAus: an example of collaboration that works.

A short post about the BudgetAus collaboration of which I am part.
  // Headlines about technology and business collaborations which sour are familiar: the well-trodden path of poor communication, broken promises, and shattered projects. Well …

A wordcloud for your last 3,000 tweets or so

A quick post about how to do a word cloud of your tweets
  // Have you ever wanted to see a picture of your tweets? Here is one of my last 3,000 or so tweets, with some filtering applied. Now the steps described below are f…

My first Github project

I published my first Github project.
  // Today I entered the world of people who develop code products and make them available to the broader community. While I've created and published articles, this is the firs…

The joys of distractions

A little post on distractions
  // Today is a beautiful and sunny day in Tokyo, a ripper at 10 degrees! Pity about the wind  which is gusting across the snow which still hasn't melted from the recent snowy …

Australia, look at yourself.

I have a rant about what Australia is, or is becoming.
  // Australia, look at yourself. No, seriously, look at yourself. You’ve helped neighbouring countries through dark times, You’ve got an economy that has seen off the …


Came across a technology called Sky Jack, create an army of zombie drones.
Today I came across probably one of the coolest demonstrations of remote-control hacking I have ever seen. The technology is called SkyJack and, based on commercial off the shelf …